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They are buy cheap fifa 14 coins closer to the communities, closer to the fans, and everyone can play, which is to raise the overall level of football, nurturing the football environment in Chengdu of a shortcut. "Gujianming," said Chengdu Jaffe General Manager Xu Hongtao says to create a century Club in Chengdu, we also must make a centuries-old League of the city. "Jaffe of the youth system of Chengdu to internally extend the next 3-5 years harvesting the Golden national U19 League prior to the end of the first phase, Jaffe the U19 team in this age of the country's 8 top teams temporarily in 4th. "In July to play the second stage of the game, we seek to place in the top three. "Chengdu Xie Feilian VP in charge of youth in particular may, told reporters. The won the 1985 Asian Youth Championship Champion's former youth team, has now has put the minds of Jaffe discovered fine seedling work.

Liu Wentao, and Zhang Weizhe, Xu Jianye, He Daqi, and Hu Lei, Xu etc a number of year old football player now with the rise of "child soldiers". Especially said, "Yang Zezhi, Peng Xinli two smaller players have entered the Jaffe first team; China U18 youth team to be set up, we will be at least 3 to 4 small player. The next 3-5 years, Jaffe Road will have a ' Golden ' on top, then is the true accomplishment when Jaffe. "Last December, Xie Feilian, Chengdu and Dalian Jinyuan elementary school, two small experimental building youth soccer base in Guiyang. This can be said, these are just the Jaffe gradually improve the training of young people first step, after which Club will also be available in places such as Shenyang, Qingdao, Kunming, established similar youth football training base. "Our strategic goal is based in Chengdu, look to the country, in particular by introducing excellent prospects in the North, to Chengdu football into some Northern style. "In particular.

In addition, Jaffe in the youth also insisted on "foreign things serve China" model. Club expatriate technical consultants int. Reardan years stationed in Chengdu, and descend into the school on a regular basis every week tutoring children. Gujianming said: "one or two of Wang Chu is not enough alone, we had the formation of echelons of all ages so that can form the Group advantage. "For the 3-5 argument, gujianming in the affirmative," why are the early 90 foot suddenly emerged Ma mingyu, Wei Qun, Yao Xia and Sun Bowei, a large number of Star, the team formed by the detachment of 6 form, now we also have a lot of confidence again when that scene. "Velappan links:" Chengdu ideas "worthy of promotion in 2006," vision Asia. Chengdu project "was launched. Former AFC General cheap fifa 14 coins Secretary, football's old friend weilapanlai, Chengdu, China attended the ceremony. He had seen good football base in Chengdu, and gave a full affirmation "and compared to other vision Asia cities, Chengdu in youth football training has a lot of features. Such success stories worthy of promotion. "About" Chengdu idea "of the building, velappan has proposed:" vision Asia plan is based on nurturing young people, lay a solid foundation.